Monday, May 14, 2007

a hot afternoon

The number of things that goes under repair in houses is really interesting. At present there are two tape recorders and one microwave oven which are not working. The first recorder has been sent to the repair shop three days back. Results are awaited. The second one has been lying in a repair shop for the last two years. One has not visited that shop so far. The microwave oven hasn't been working since the past one year. Finally the day has arrived today. This oven was one of the first of its kind to be produced in India, by the Kelvinator company. With some difficulty I tracked down the company and enquired if they still have any loyalties with their old models. Surprisingly they said yes and a technician will arrive tomorrow to repair the oven. In the meantime, unable to get the oven repaired, we bought a new oven. Once the oven gets repaired I am going to donate it to my women's centre. A donation makes more sense than selling it for a paltry sum. And somehow one is attached to the oven. Among the many kitchen gadgets, a microwave oven is my favourite, as it is so easy to re-heat food removed from the refrigerator. When I am living alone, I cook once in two days and keep reheating the food. Makes no sense to cook everyday just for one person.

I have filled my fridge freezer with two boxes of ice cream. I want to eat ice cream this summer. If not summer when does one eat ice cream? I am not particularly crazy about ice creams. I eat them once in six months. This is the first time I have been so purposive about storing ice cream. The other event which I had planned for my weekend was to drink lot of watermelon juice. I am yet to go out and buy the watermelon. I will do it this evening. There is nothing like finding homemade juices in your fridge. On a hot afternoon to pull out a jug of chilled watermelon juice is the pinnacle of my homemaking capacities. But alas, many of these remain mere dreams. Ideally there should be a pitcher of buttermilk, nimbu sherbet and watermelon juice. I do not favour squashes that much as they carry high sugar content. As all you know, I am very particular about the amount of sugar that I consume. Let me admit that juices are only my domain, others prefer chilled beer.

Last Sunday I celebrated the tenth year of my living with SD. Never imagined that I would live with him so peacefully and productively for such a long time. After all these years, I must say that I continue to yearn for him, and want to grow old with him. We went to a fancy restaurant and ate a five course meal over chilled mugs of unlimited beer. The evening was followed by another party celebrating my uncle's 60th birthday. We were drinking and making merry until late in the night. This being one of the reasons why i could not write my diary last week.

Last week seems to have been quite productive. We made butter. There was a mehendi session for SD, myself and my SIL. There was a press conference on the Baroda issue. I read at least four days in the way. SD churned butter out of cream. There is about one kg of butter sitting in the fridge. Soon it will go sour. I am a city girl who has always bought my butter and ghee straight from the shop. Churning butter and making ghee are new experiences for me. I will take much needed advice from my MIL and make ghee out of butter this evening.
Now let me come to the main event of today. I went to the driving school at Bowenpally and registered for a months' driving course. I am bent on learning driving this year. I paid the money and also got my learners license renewed. I am feeling most virtuous by the fact that I have achieved this. Most probably in the next three to four days I will join the course and begin my lessons. I liked the look of the school and the tutor who will be instructing me. A no nonsense teacher. I am grateful to my filmmaker friend for his pep talk las night.
Now, I have to get back to my day's reading. I am hoping to read a chapter of Foucault. I am most pleased when I cover all aspects of life in one day. I do not expect to do full justice to them, but I believe in marking a nodding acknowledgment to all these sectors. My letter writing is also updated. Very happy on that front too. The Women's Centre matters are also under control. There is only one court appearance this week. Hopefully devote all my time to reading and reflection and of course driving too.

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